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Is a New Moon Good for Deer Hunting

The new moon is considered by many to be the best time for deer hunting. Why? For a couple of reasons, actually.

First, deer are more active during the dark hours, so you’re more likely to see them moving around. Second, they tend to be more careless during this time, so you have a better chance of getting close enough for a shot.

As hunters, we are always looking for an edge. Any little bit that we can do to increase our chances of success is worth considering. So, when it comes to the moon phases and deer hunting, is a new moon good for deer hunting?

The answer may surprise you. While there are some who believe that a new moon gives them an advantage, the truth is that it really doesn’t matter what phase the moon is in. Deer are not influenced by the moon in any way.

They don’t change their behavior based on whether it’s a full moon or a new moon. So, if you’re wondering if you should go hunting during a new moon or not, the answer is simple – it doesn’t matter. You can have just as much success (or lack thereof) no matter what phase the moon is in.

Why You Should Hunt The NEW MOON For BIG BUCKS!

Which Moon Phase is Best for Deer Hunting?

The moon phase that is best for deer hunting is the rutting moon. This is when the deer are most active and their behavior is more predictable. The other good times to hunt deer are during the pre-rut and post-rut, when the deer are less active but still have regular patterns.

Are Deer Active During a New Moon?

The moon has a profound effect on deer activity. The lunar cycle can be broken down into phases, with the new moon being the first phase. At this time, deer are very active.

They will feed for long periods of time and travel great distances. This is because they are trying to build up their energy reserves for the rest of the month. As the moon wanes, deer become less active and will spend more time bedded down.

During a full moon, deer are once again very active as they try to avoid predators that can see them better during this bright night.

How Does New Moon Affect Deer?

The new moon has a big impact on deer behavior. The lack of light causes deer to be more active at night, which can make them harder to hunt. The new moon also affects the amount of time deer spend feeding, bedding down and traveling.

What Moon Do Deer Move the Most?

White-tailed deer are the most popular game animals in North America. In many areas, they are also the most numerous large mammals. Because of their wide range and abundance, white-tailed deer have been studied more than any other cervid (deer family) in North America.

Even so, there is much that we don’t know about them. The moon has a big influence on when deer move. The lunar cycle affects how much light is available at night, which in turn affects deer activity.

When the moon is full, there is more light at night and deer are more active. This is because they can see predators better and they feel safer moving around. When the moon is new or waning (getting smaller), there is less light at night and deer are less active.

This is because it’s harder for them to see predators and they feel less safe moving around. So, if you’re wondering when the best time to hunt deer is, you should consider the phase of the moon. If you want to see more deer movement, hunt during a full moon.

If you want to see less deer movement, hunt during a new or waning moon.

Best Moon Phase for Deer Hunting

The moon plays a big role in deer hunting. The time of year, the phase of the moon, and even the weather can all affect deer movement. So, what is the best moon phase for deer hunting?

The answer may surprise you. While some hunters believe that the full moon is the best time to hunt, studies have shown that the new moon is actually when deer are most active. Deer are creatures of habit and routine, so they are less likely to be out feeding during a full moon when there is more light present.

However, during a new moon phase, deer will often feed more at night to avoid detection by predators. This means that they are more likely to be moving around during hunting hours! So, if you’re looking for the best time to fill your freezer with venison this season, make sure you plan your hunt around a new moon phase.

And don’t forget to check the weather forecast too – rain or snow can also influence deer movement patterns!


The new moon is an ideal time for deer hunting. The animals are more active during this phase of the lunar cycle and their patterns are more predictable. The lack of light also makes it easier to get close to your prey without being detected.