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8 Best Saw For Cutting Deer Antlers

Best Saw For Cutting Deer Antlers

Cutting deer antlers successfully depends on the cutting skill and a suitable saw. In the running market, a lot of reputed brand saws are available. Selecting the best saw for cutting deer antlers depends on its cutting edge, comfortable grip, and durable build.

If the saw teeth aren’t with crosscut design, the antlers won’t be separated perfectly. There could be bleeding and damage in the skull if you don’t follow the right cutting strategy. 

A good saw for cutting deer antlers must include some extra features. The stainless steel body, adjustable pole length, blade lock feature, etc. should be included in your saw specifications. 

Quick Pick for You to Save Time

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Gerber Pack Saw

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Wicked Bone Saw

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HME  Bone Saw

HME Bone Saw

Does cutting a deer’s antlers hurt? 

Cutting a deer’s antlers hurts when there is living tissue inside it. If the antler is still in velvet, there is no better move than cutting it. Blood vessels under the deer’s antlers could cause a slight bleeding issue while cutting imperfectly and make it hurt. 

7 Best Saws for Cutting Deer Antlers

Among various saw models for cutting deer antlers, we’ve picked the 7 best models. This section deals with their specifications and how they’ll help you with this specific job. 

Gerber Vital Pack Saw

For cutting deer antlers, a bandsaw like the Gerber Vital pack saw is highly effective. It’s nothing like rocket science. Mark the line and perform the cut- that’s all you have to do.

Before that, place the skull on the surface and start sawing from the horizontal position. When you reach the eye sockets of the skull, you should stop your saw. 

Gerber Vital pack saw is blessed with its lightweight design. Its sawtooth tech with a fixed blade saw makes it great for cutting deer antlers. 

The crosscut saw teeth make the cutting process more accessible. As the innovative SK5 blade steel comes, the cutting process receives the highest accuracy. 

While cutting the deer antlers, users don’t get fatigued as the saw has a comfortable handle with over-molded glass-filled nylon. 

According to the user review, this saw isn’t problematic with its 3.6″ blade length. 

Due to its overall 6.75″ length and 2.7 oz. weight, it offered them an outstanding balance while using. People also loved the fabric sheath in which the saw was packed for safety. 

It’s time to focus on Gerber Vital pack saw’s specialties that make it different from competitors. First of all, its serrated blade edge with sawtooth tech makes the product worthy of deer antlers cut. 

Secondly, the ergonomic T-shaped grip made of high-end rubber material makes it special. Most importantly, its SK5 high-speed steel with 1560 hunting axes has sought the user’s attention. 


  • Lightweight with good weight balance
  • The serrated blade edge ensures an accurate cut
  • The fabric sheath hooks allow speedy access on the go
  • A clever blunted tip eliminates the risk of puncturing
  • Easy to clean


  • The teeth size isn’t long enough for dedicated cutting
  • Its cutting stroke could be larger.

Wicked Tree Gear Utility/Bone Saw

Wicked Tree Gear utility saw requires fitting on the cutting line first. Then, just like a regular saw, perform vertical and horizontal cuts to the deer antlers

After reaching the eye sockets of the skull, simply pull out the antlers as well as the saw. 

This bone saw comes with serrated edge blades for providing extra sharpness. With its non-slip rubber over-mold grip design, users can easily fit their hands with it. It weighs only 9.1 ounces with a great weight balance. 

The 7″ big blade length makes the product selectable for versatile cuts. As it has a fail-safe blade lock design, there is no chance of any unwanted situation. 

The hardened steel lock-pin and hardware make this product more reliable. 

Customers are satisfied after using its high-carbon steel blade. As it comes with taper ground and heavy gauge, they found it hard for unwanted bending. 

Most importantly, its rugged cast aluminum handle construction provided the highest comfort to users during the cutting session. 

You should pick this utility saw due to its zero plastic design. That’s why it won’t bend or break during heavy use. 

As this saw has a longer sharpness guarantee than the standard lightweight blades, it’ll reduce your blade maintenance hassle. 

Besides, the blood won’t be affected by rust after a certain time. 


  • Its arborist-style steel blades cut the toughest deer antlers 
  • The adjustable pole lengths provide ease of use
  • The folding option of this saw offers convenience in portability
  • Zero-plastic build ensures durability in the long run
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber grip design offers the highest grip


  • The lock feature could be more user-friendly
  • Its teeth design could be a little bit more aggressive

LEM Products 640 16″ Meat Saw

This hand-powered saw allows you to cut antlers from the root without any imperfection. The cutting technique is identical- mark the line on the skull and start cutting. 

Put pressure on the forward-cutting stroke only. Relax pressure as you drag the saw back for the next cut. If you drag the teeth backward, under pressure, it’ll dull the blade sooner. 

You can choose this item for its heavy nickel-plated frame. The highest durability is insisted on in its overall construction. 

It has a large blade-tightening lever, so you won’t ever feel downtime while working. As it comes with versatile blade size options, you can choose your preferred one based on the antler size.

This saw eases the cutting process with its super sharp and fast-cutting teeth. Its top speed is one stroke per second. 

The blade may require replacing after a specific time. But, it’s easier to replace in comparison to conventional saws. 

Customers are delighted with its speedy performance and stainless steel build. Though it’s 1.13 kg, users are happy with its weight balance. 

Users complained that it’s not dishwasher-safe. But, they found it utterly okay in handwash. Unfortunately, its 16″ fixed blade saw can’t be replaced. 

So, why will you pick this product despite having these downsides? Well, this product requires less maintenance as you don’t need to think about tightening the blade with any external tool. 

The professional-grade stainless steel build fights against rust effectively. With its reasonable price range, there is barely any saw for cutting deer antlers. 


  • The nickel-plated material protects against rapid metal decay
  • Great weight balance
  • Ultimate sharpness of the blade
  • Sturdy handle for dedicated uses
  • Innovative blade-tightening lever


  • Not suitable as a dishwasher item
  • No versatile blade replacement option

Gerber Gear Hunting Saw

Gerber Gear hunting saw allows you some easy cuts for deer antlers. First, set the skull’s base on a flat surface. 

Perform a horizontal cut from 5-inches below the antlers on the back of the skull. Then, make a vertical cut between the antlers to separate them. 

We’ve picked this product mainly for its lightweight design and skeletonized handle. The handle provides the ultimate grip with sufficient support in balancing. 

Its slender design makes it suitable for pack or hip carry. The Gerber Gear hunting saw is also durable in the long run for its full tang construction. 

This saw makes cutting easy with its sawtooth tech blade with ultimate sharpness. The lightweight design also helps in cutting antlers in various directions. 

Its combination of the control choil with a plain edge makes the cutting process more accurate. 

Gerber Gear hunting saw is one of the best saws for cutting antlers because of its durability and sturdiness. 

Customers have rated 5 stars for durability and 4.2 stars for sturdiness in the amazon review segment. They’re also glad for its thin design with its secured sheath. 

With its innovative 7CR steel build, it can fight against rust easily. It’s hard to overcome the plastic notch that engages the top of the blade. 

Gerber Gear Exo-mod saw is also featured with a full tang for the highest cutting efficiency. 


  • Ultimate durability ensured by full tang construction
  • Lightweight design ensures ease of use
  • The crosscut saw teeth perform fast cutting
  • 7CR steel build protects from quick rusting
  • The gripping system is worth the pricing


  • The handle could be a little bit wider
  • Its blade length is inconvenient for cutting big antlers

Satterlee Bone Saw 13″

The Satterlee bone saw is a specialized saw for cutting bones. To cut deer antlers, put the base of the skull on the surface first. 

Next, cut the antlers horizontally from 5-inches below the antlers on the back of the skull. Finally, make a vertical cut between the antlers and separate it from the skull. 

This bone saw is made of corrosion-resistant surgical stainless steel for ultimate durability. So, there is no chance of antlers getting disinfected. 

This saw is easy to clean and store. Besides, it has various certifications for maintaining international quality and safety standards.

It reduces the hassle of cutting with its hydraulic power source. The cutting process becomes easier with its optimum weight balance and convenient cutting teeth. 

Due to its 13″ blade length, antlers of various sizes can be cut effortlessly.

According to the user review, this saw could only be more dedicated to deer antlers. They found the postal grip decorative but ineffective. 

Their other fascination was its weight balance. Despite its stainless steel finish, it weighs only 8.1 ounces. 

This product is special because it has a high mirror finish, making it beautifully forged. Along with this, its shape type and handle design is eye-blessing. 

The cutting edges have sharp teeth, making it more suitable for cutting antlers.


  • Presence of corrosion-resistant durable material
  • Optimum 13″ long blade
  • Sufficient sharpness in the blade teeth
  • Lightweight enough to carry anywhere
  • High mirror finish making it eye-shooting


  • While it is sharp, the blade is much too coarse
  • No blade lock option

Best saw for cutting deer bone – HME Products Bone Saw 

HME products’ bone saw’s cutting technology isn’t different from other saws for cutting antlers. It’s all about positioning the saw in the right place under the antlers. 

Then, carefully start cutting and bring down the antlers. 

The packaging includes a scabbard with a belt loop for safe storage and transport. Its weight is only 0.08 kg, so it’s not difficult to carry anywhere. 

HME Products bone saw is manufactured with premium blend material for longevity. 

This T-shaped bone saw eases the cutting process with its sharp edge blade. The handle isn’t slippery, it stays in hand as long as you want. 

The end of the blade has a raised area to act as a stop. That’s why there is no possibility of unwanted tearing under the skin of deer antlers. 

People loved this simple but effective design the most. Customers are averagely satisfied with its handle quality and build. 

HME Products bone saw is made of innovative ABS handles to reduce your fatigue. Its thicker blade makes the deer antlers separate easily from the skin of the skull. 

Its super-sharp stainless steel blade easily cuts through the pelvic bone of deer. 


  • Included scabbard increases storage convenience
  • The lightweight model makes it easy to transport
  • Its T-shape allows vertical cuts nicely
  • Sufficient gripping from the ABS handle
  • Innovative end of the blade


  • Contains a little amount of cancer-causing elements
  • The blade teeth don’t worth the pricing

LEM Products 638 25″ Meat Saw

The cutting process of LEM products 638 25″ meat saw is pretty simple. You fix the saw near the antlers and start vertical and horizontal cuts. 

You don’t need to put additional pressure unless you use an old blade with insufficient sharpness. 

This meat saw from LEM products is coated with a heavy nickel-plated frame. Its large blade tightening lever keeps the blade active to perform versatile cuts. 

All sizes of this model come with 0.5″ blades with sharp edges. 

Changing the blade of this meat saw is easy by using the tightening lever. It eases the cutting process by allowing fast blade changing. 

The replacement blades come with ultimate sharpness for cutting antlers. 

Customers aren’t satisfied with the price range as the competitors are offering blade lock technology in this price range. 

But, the cutting accuracy and the ease of blade changing elected this product as their favorite. 

This saw is mainly particular for its versatile blade length of up to 25″. For cutting large-sized deer’s antlers, this saw is the best pick with its only 1.36 Kilograms weight. 

Storing this product isn’t a problem as it won’t rust easily. Remember, this saw is from LEM- that’s the brand people trust worldwide. 


  • Praising weight balance
  • Sharp cutting teeth
  • Easy to change the blade
  • Free blade tightening lever
  • Reduces cutting time with its large-sized blade


  • Pricing is slightly high
  • The build quality isn’t worth the money

Things to Consider before Buying the Best saw for Cutting deer Antlers

Before finalizing any saw for cutting deer antlers, you should focus on some features. Let’s see what factors should be considered before getting the best saw for cutting deer antlers. 

Size of saw blade

The big antlers aren’t suitable for cutting with a tiny blade size of a saw. The cutting process will be imperfect if you don’t find a great combination. Inappropriate blade size means you can’t find comfort while cutting. 

Customization facility

Some customization features should be presented in your saw, like adjusting the pole height. Besides, it should allow you to change the blade quickly with your desired size. It can’t perform versatile operations if the saw comes with a fixed blade size. 


Before every single feature, the priority of performance is most. If a saw has a blade with less sharpness, it can’t cut the antlers in the expected time.

Safety features

Safety features like blade lock, cover, etc. are important to have with a saw for cutting antlers. These safety features aren’t used widely, but they can save you from minor accidents instantly. 


Now you clearly know the best saw for cutting deer antlers. Among these 7 models, you can pick your desired one easily now. Most of the aforementioned models are hand saws, full of engineered technologies. 

Most of the models have great weight balance, portablity and sharp cutting edges. Besides, you can use most of them in versatile purposes along with cutting deer antlers. 

We recommend using a saw with zero plastic build, good finish and a stainless-steel build. With these features, the saw will serve you in the long run, allowing you to cut deer antlers consistently