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7 Best Bone Saw For Backpack Hunting

Backpack hunting requires careful planning and preparation, including choosing the exact bone saw you need. A compact, lightweight, and sturdy saw will make your trip easier and more efficient. Using a bone saw with the wrong TPI, compromised quality and other drawbacks isn’t ever welcome. 

Today, you’ll be introduced to some of the best bone saws for backpack hunting. Whether you’re a newbie hunter or just starting out, you’ll find a saw that suits your expected criteria. 

Don’t let your equipment hold you back on your next hunting adventure. Invest in a quality bone saw if it’s worth the pricing, providing something better than competitors. Rely on our brand and product choices, you won’t regret it. 

Can a folding bone saw be used for backpack hunting?

A folding bone saw, the practical multipurpose tool can be used for backpack hunting. Regular hacksaws can splinter the victim’s bone and can cause ragged cuts. But, a folding bone saw offers wider and deeper teeth. That’s why backpack hunting becomes easier with a folding bone saw. 

What is the best blade length for a bone saw used in backpack hunting?

There is no optimum or must-have blade length of bone saw for backpack hunting. However, using a four to six inch blade is ideal for backpack hunting. If you use a folding bone saw of around 6-10 inches length, it’ll be perfect. 

Top 5 best bone saws for backpack hunting 

Went through several bone saw models but couldn’t decide the best one? To help you figure out your right pick, here you know about the best bone saw for backpack hunting. 

EverSaw Folding Hand Saw Camp Saw 8″

Top 3 features

  • Ergonomic, non-slip design with SK5 carbon steel blade
  • Dependable gear lock for safe operation
  • Innovative 9TPI design for faster performance

EverSaw folding hand saw could be your choice if you’re looking for a durable product. With its carbon steel blade material, it shows a decent potential in cutting. This bone saw is effective for both wood & plastic surfaces. 

Its medium tooth 8-inch SK5 carbon steel blade is adjustable. You can perform rugged pull cuts precisely if you have good cutting skills. The ribbed rubber handle provides sufficient grip, resulting in reasonable control for cutting. 

The saw has a total 72 number of teeth to integrate your cutting experience. With only 0.63 weight, you won’t disappoint at the end of the day. 

With its 9 teeth per inch (9TPI) design, you can perform smooth and rapid sawing. This saw’s triple-cut razor ensures ultimate pull-cut design performance. Also, you can cut PVC and bones precisely up to 4 inches in diameter. 

This saw can be used in multipurpose as a camp saw, pruning saw and limb saw along with the backpacking saw. As it comes with a reliable blade lock, the risk of unwanted accidents is minimal. 


  • Release button responds for quick easy release
  • The rubber handle provides sufficient grip
  • Rugged triple-cut razor teeth ensure decent cuts
  • Strong stainless steel build for longevity
  • Versatile applications in outdoor activities


  • Can’t cut any item over 4″ in diameter
  • The blade may rust over time due to neglect

What are people saying about this hand saw?

Users are highly satisfied with its build quality and design. The ergonomic, heavy-duty operation design is suitable for performing multiple outdoor jobs like pruning, trail clearing, sawing, and so on. Some of them complained about its storage inconvenience as it doesn’t come with any case.  

Why is this hand saw exceptional from others?

Its exceptional SK5 carbon steel design is reliable in the long run. We know this material is used in several products in the market, but this tool is ready to compete with them. The innovative folding design, portability & efficiency are its key attractions. 

MOSSY OAK 3 in-1 Folding Saw

Top 3 features

  • 3 blades in one saw- pruning, hardwood & metal blade
  • Multiple button operations for ease of use
  • Adorable tool protection case for user safety

Mossy Oak folding saw is renowned for its multipurpose blades with efficient sharpness. The pruning blade comes with a black-coated surface in 7.5-inch blade length. With this blade, it’s possible to cut the branches less than 70 mm. 

However, you can use any of its blades for backpack hunting depending on the hardness. Its 5 TPI, 11 TPI and 18 TPI blade options allow you to perform accurate cuts. 

If you want a smoother but slower cut, you should choose a high TPI saw. 

The folding saw has a secure lock feature. It’s done by just tightening the black knob which will prevent the blade from moving upside or downside. 

With its green button, users can quickly fold the saw blade. You can execute high-frequence operations with the triple tooth saw blade. 

The folding saw comes with a nylon pouch for safe transport. It’s super easy to apply this folding saw at yard working, hunting, hiking and backpack hunting. 


  • Versatile blade options for precise cutting
  • Aluminum build blade prevents rapid rusting
  • Extremely lightweight, easy to carry
  • The TPR rubber coating ensures sufficient grip
  • Secure and easy blade lock for newbies


  • Requires sharpening from time to time
  • Not ideal except for the wood, plastic & metal surface

What are people saying about this hand saw?

The user opinion is straightforward- it’s a cool folding saw with some adorable features. From its build quality to pricing- everything is mindblowing. Newbies will get used to this tool easily as it has multiple button operations. 

Why is this hand saw exceptional from others?

This is an ideal multipurpose tool with 3 different blades to bless your backpack hunting. The rubber coating grip is mindblowing, tested to fight against rust effectively. Which else can beat this tool in these segments?

Coher folding saw 8 inch

Top 3 features

  • 2-angle adjustable blade for precise cutting
  • Compact & versatile design for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Adorable cutting efficiency

The Coher 8-inch folding saw is a versatile tool for outdoor enthusiasts as well as professionals. It’s constructed with high-quality materials (undefined by manufacturer) and is designed to last for many years. 

Carbon steel is used here as blade material. The blade measures 8 inches in length, making it ideal for a wide range of cutting tasks.

This saw folds up for convenient storage and transport. Besides, it features a sturdy lock mechanism to keep the blade securely in place when in use. 

Its handle is ergonomically designed for comfort, and provides a secure grip even when wet. The Coher folding saw has a cutting capacity of 4 inches. That’s why this tool is perfect for clearing brush, pruning trees, and more.

In terms of performance, the Coher 8-inch folding saw is a reliable and efficient tool. The teeth are well-sharpened, making it easy to cut through dense wood without too much effort. Moreover, it’s lightweight, weighing just over 1 lb, which makes it easy for transport. 

Overall, this folding saw is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality folding saw with longevity. 


  • Well-sharpened teeth for efficient performance 
  • Secured lock mechanism for ultimate protection
  • Easy to carry anywhere you want
  • Deep cutting capacity for versatile operation
  • Promised by manufacturer to last longer 


  • The blade length is limited
  • Its carbon steel blade requires additional maintenance

What are people saying about this hand saw?

Users are delighted with sharpened teeth performance. They also loved its portability, deep cutting capacity and durability. Regular users are a little bit disappointed as it’s a hassle to sharpen the tool every day. 

Why is this hand saw exceptional from others?

This tool is different primarily for its 2-angle blade design. You can adjust it for your desired cut anytime. In comparison to its same price range segment, its potential for versatile cutting is very high. 

Hooyman MegaBite Handsaw

Top 3 features

  • Made of high carbon SK5 steel for durability
  • 4-edge tooth design for forward and backward cut
  • Telescoping handle with locking and extending mechanism

Looking for a versatile and compact saw that is perfect for camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities? The Hooyman MegaBite Handsaw makes it easy to pack in a backpack. With its sturdy construction of SK5 steel material, it’ll last longer than the conventional saws. 

The MegaBite Handsaw’s patented blade design is full of sharpness. It’s durable enough to cut through branches up to 4 inches in diameter. 

For the highest user convenience, it includes a non-slip grip for comfortable holding. Even when wet, it won’t slip from your hand easily. 

The multi-use blade is locked in place when not in use. For this reason, it won’t accidentally hurt anyone or cause any internal damage.

If we talk about performance, this hand saw cuts through wood with ease with its razor-sharp blade. For the lightweight design with only 1.2 pounds weight, it’s easy to carry around for extended periods of time.

Finally, we assure you that the Hooyman MegaBite Handsaw is a reliable saw for outdoor adventures. Its compact size, lightweight design, and powerful performance make it a must-have tool for backpack hunters.


  • Compact design for easy portability and storage
  • High-quality blade for efficient cutting
  • Ergonomic handle for reduced hand fatigue
  • Multiple teeth positions for cutting versatility 
  • Longer sharpness reduces maintenance trouble


  • Locking mechanism could be improved
  • Not highly durable for heavy-duty use

What are people saying about this hand saw?

Hooyman MegaBite hand saw is loved by users for its compact design for quick transport. The only drawbacks they discussed are its poor locking mechanism and blade dulling issue. Except for them, this tool is great in every segment including performance. 

Why is this hand saw exceptional from others?

You can barely find any saw with easily replaceable blade features. It’ll deliver you an efficient output. Also, it’s offering you to extend the blade up to 10 feet for outdoor purposes. 

GARTOL Folding Saw 7 Inch

Top 3 features

  • Convenient folding design for easy backpacking
  • Attractive pricing to dominate its competitors
  • 6 TPI teeth count for smooth & clean cut

GARTOL Folding Saw 7 Inch is made from high-quality carbon steel. With its 7-inch blade, it can easily cut through a variety of materials.

One of the key benefits of the GARTOL Folding Saw is its compact size. When folded, it measures just 9 inches long, making it easy to carry in a backpack. 

The saw weighs only 7 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Most importantly, the blade of this folding saw has a teeth count of 6 teeth per inch for a smooth and clean cut. For saw maintenance, you can easily replace the blade anytime. 

The handle of the GARTOL Folding Saw is made of durable plastic material. It is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand and has a non-slip grip for added safety. There is an incredible lock mechanism that keeps the blade securely in place when in use.

With a high-quality construction, the pricing of this tool is reasonable also. The only mentionable downside of this saw is it requires regular maintenance, which mustn’t be a big problem. 


  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
  • 6 TPI teeth count for precise, deep cut
  • Non-slip grip handle for added safety
  • The blade can be replaced easily
  • Affordable price with high-end construction 


  • The blade may dull over time
  • The lock mechanism may become loose with frequent use

What are people saying about this hand saw?

People are glad as the tool enables versatile cuts with innovative blade design. Besides, the tool is easy to carry, pricing is excellent and it’s user-friendly. If it would have a good locking mechanism, undoubtedly it would be the best saw in the price range. 

Why is this hand saw exceptional from others?

This saw has a dual-sided blade. The one side is designed for fine cuts and the other side designed for coarse cuts. With its adorable 6 TPI design, it’s expert in bringing the finest finish while cutting something. 

Buying guide 

Here you get a complete buying guide on the best bone saw for backpack hunting. 


Look for a saw that weighs less than 10 ounces. Also, consider that it has a compact design, making it easy to carry in your backpack.


The saw should be built to last and made of high-quality materials. It should be rust-resistant and able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It’s recommended to get saws with a blade made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

Cutting Efficiency

Getting a saw with teeth spaced at 1 mm intervals is ideal. You can cut through bones with ease and efficiency.


Comfort is an important factor when using a saw for an extended period of time. Look for saws with ergonomic handles to reduce hand fatigue during use.

How do I choose the best handle for a bone saw used in backpack hunting?

Choose a handle for a bone saw used in backpack hunting that is ergonomic, made of durable materials (e.g. rubber, plastic, molded foam). It should fit comfortably in your hand, must be lightweight and easily accessible. Comfort, material, size, weight, accessibility, and price are key factors to consider.

Blade Material

The blade material should be rust-resistant and strong. Carbon steel (SK5) and stainless steel are great options as they are durable in the long run. 

Blade Length

A blade length ranges between 7-9 inches provides the ideal balance between cutting efficiency and portability.


You can find bone saws for backpack hunting ranging from $10 to $50. The more you spend, the more expensive models you’ll find. Expensive models from reputed brands generally offer better performance and durability.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using a bone saw for backpack hunting?

Using a bone saw could be dangerous if you’re not aware of its blade. From severe to chronic injury- anything is possible with a folding bone saw. Here are some safety tips you should follow. 

  • Keep hands away from the saw blade everytime
  • Wear hand gloves to avoid unwanted injuries
  • Don’t use your hands to clean scraps from the worktable
  • Hold the saw firmly using your palms
  • Never leave the saw running behind

How do I properly maintain and sharpen my bone saw for backpack hunting?

Maintaining & sharpening your bone saw for backpack hunting is super easy. Follow some pro tips to get the best result, as well as longevity of the saw.

  • Lubricate the saw blade before every use
  • Remove blade rust regularly using a razor
  • Keep the saw blade dry for the best cut
  • Better, apply rust inhibitor time to time
  • Use medium grade steel wool to wipe out the handle dust


Here are some top-rated questions related to the best bone saw for backpack hunting. 

How long does a bone saw blade typically last when used for backpack hunting?

A bone saw blade’s longevity depends on the maintenance process, used material & its quality. It’s possible to last a low-grade bone saw blade longer than a high-grade one if it’s properly maintained. Averagely, after 12-120 hours continuous use, a bone saw blade loses its potential. 

Can I sharpen a bone saw blade on the field or should I do it at home?

Sharpening a bone saw blade isn’t place dependent. If you don’t have sufficient preparation to wipe out the debris from the home surface, then go outside. Using a file is the most effective option to sharpen the blade. Using an automated sharpener is also encouraged. 


In conclusion, we would like to recommend the best among the top 5 depending on your criteria. We suggest going for the EverSaw Folding Hand Saw Camp Saw 8″ for its unique folding design, carrying convenience and storing facility. Besides, the sharp and sturdy blade makes it ideal for processing games.

For those who want a multi-functional tool, the MOSSY OAK 3 in-1 Folding Saw is a great option. Its compact design allows for easy storage, and its versatility makes it useful for a variety of tasks.

Finally, the Coher folding saw 8 inch is a balanced choice for backpack hunters. With its compact size and durable construction, you can hunt with it all day long. Whichever saw you choose, make sure to invest in a quality tool that will make your backpack hunting trip more enjoyable and efficient.