Can Deer Eat Cherries

Cherries are a type of fruit that deer can eat. However, deer generally prefer other types of fruit, such as apples. If cherries are the only type of fruit available, deer will eat them.

However, they will not eat the pits or stems of the cherries.

Deer can eat cherries, but they typically don’t because they don’t like the taste. However, if there is a cherry tree in their vicinity, they may eat the cherries off of the tree.

Deer eating cherries

Do deer eat ornamental cherry trees

Ornamental cherry trees are a type of tree that is often used for decoration. They are typically found in parks and gardens. Deer are known to eat a variety of plants, so it is not surprising that they would also eat ornamental cherry trees.

There are a few reasons why deer might eat ornamental cherry trees. One reason is that the trees are a source of food for them. The leaves and branches of the tree are full of nutrients that the deer need in order to survive.

Another reason is that the tree is a source of water for the deer. The tree absorbs water from the ground and the deer can drink from it. If you have an ornamental cherry tree in your yard, you should be aware that deer might eat it.

If you are concerned about the tree being eaten, you can take steps to protect it. One way to protect the tree is to wrap the trunk with a wire mesh. This will prevent the deer from being able to access the tree.

Another way to protect the tree is to spray it with a deer repellent. There are a variety of deer repellents available on the market. You can also plant other trees and shrubs around the ornamental cherry tree.

This will provide the deer with other options for food and shelter, and they will be less likely to eat the cherry tree.

can deer eat cherries


Do deer like to eat cherries?

No, deer do not like to eat cherries. In fact, they avoid them whenever possible. The reason for this is that cherries contain a compound called cyanogenic glycosides.

These compounds release cyanide when they come into contact with stomach acids, and cyanide is poisonous to deer. So, if a deer were to eat a cherry, it would likely die from cyanide poisoning.

What kind of fruit do deer like?

Deer enjoy a variety of fruits, including apples, pears, plums, grapes, and berries. They will also eat acorns and other nuts. In the winter, when other food sources are scarce, deer will eat twigs, bark, and leaves.

Will deer eat weeping cherry?

Yes, deer will eat weeping cherry trees. They are especially fond of the young, tender leaves and shoots. If left unchecked, deer can quickly decimate a weeping cherry tree.

To protect your tree, you can use a deer fence or spray the tree with a deer repellent.

Do deer eat cherry blossoms?

Cherry blossoms are a type of flower that blooms on cherry trees. Deer are known to eat a variety of plants and flowers, so it’s not surprising that they would also eat cherry blossoms. While cherry blossoms are not a primary food source for deer, they will eat them if they are available.


Yes, deer can eat cherries. In fact, deer love cherries and will often eat them right off the tree. However, if you have a cherry tree that you don’t want deer to eat, you can put a fence around it.

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