Hunting in Mississippi

If you’re looking for an adventure like no other, come experience the thrill of hunting in Mississippi. With its lush lands and varied wildlife, this state is home to some of the most rewarding hunts around.

From public Wildlife Management Areas to private commercial outfitters, there are over 1,000 square miles available – offering something special for everyone.

Before heading out into the wilds make sure you check with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife about all seasons and bag limits as well as any rules or regulations that may apply. Once you’ve got your license squared away get ready to explore this amazing state. White-tailed deer, wild hogs, rabbits, and quail await – so don’t miss out on a hunt of a lifetime!

In this detailed guide, we will cover everything you need to know about hunting in Mississippi. You will get to know what to hunt, where to hunt, hunting seasons, license information, and regulations.

Hunting in Mississippi

What Can You Hunt in Mississippi?

Deer hunting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Mississippi. With millions of acres of public land available, you can easily find your ideal spot for an unforgettable hunt. The season typically runs from late September to early January, so plan ahead if you don’t want to miss out.

Turkey hunts are also incredibly popular in Mississippi and they usually start up mid-March until mid-May. There are plenty of prime spots open on public lands that offer a thrilling experience with the chance to bag some big game.

For those looking for something smaller and more accessible, there are abundant amounts of squirrels and rabbits throughout The Magnolia State which make perfect targets for honing your guns or bows before tackling larger quarries like deer or turkeys.


Hunting in Mississippi is an experience like no other! Whether you’re a bow hunter or gun enthusiast, the state’s Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) has plenty to offer.

There are multiple seasons throughout the year for both types of hunters – archery season allows you to use bows and arrows while gun season gives firearms like rifles or shotguns a try.

With many open spaces ideal for still-hunting and stalking prey, as well as locations with blinds or tree stands perfect for waiting patiently until an opportunity presents itself – it’s all about finding what works best for you.

Of course, don’t forget to bring along all the necessary gear including quality weapons, ammo/arrows, binoculars plus scent eliminators, and camouflage clothing so that everything runs smoothly on your hunt.

Make sure to check local regulations before heading out too; this way you can rest assured that everything will be within legal limits when enjoying nature at its finest.

Deer Seasons in Mississippi

North Central, Delta, and Hills Deer Management Units

Season Dates Notes
Archery 15 Sep – 17 Sep Legal Bucks only
Archery 30 Sep – 17 Nov Public or Private Lands (Either Sex)
Youth Season 04 Nov – 17 Nov Private or Federal Lands (Either Sex)
Youth Season 18 Nov – 31 Jan  Private Lands (Either Sex)
Antlerless Primitive Weapons 06 Nov – 17 Nov Private Lands
Primitive Weapons 02 Dec – 15 Dec Public or Private Lands (Either Sex)
Gun (dogs allowed) 18 Nov – 01 Dec Private Lands & Holly Springs NF (Either Sex)
Gun (dogs allowed) 24 Dec – 17 Jan Private Lands & Holly Springs NF (Either Sex)
Gun (dogs not allowed) 16 Dec – 23 Dec Private Lands & Holly Springs NF (Either Sex)
Archery/Primitive Weapons 18 Jan – 31 Jan Private lands & Holly Springs NF (Either Sex)

Southeast Deer Management Units

Season Dates Notes
Archery 15 Sep – 17 Sep Legal Bucks only
Archery 14 Oct – 17 Nov Public or Private Lands (Either Sex)
Youth Gun Season 04 Nov – 17 Nov Private or Federal Lands (Either Sex)
Youth Gun Season 18 Nov – 15 Feb  Private Lands (Either Sex)
Primitive Weapons 02 Dec – 15 Dec Public or Private Lands (Either Sex)
Gun (dogs allowed) 18 Nov – 01 Dec  Private Lands (Either Sex), Public Lands (Bucks only)
Gun (dogs allowed) 24 Dec – 17 Jan  Private Lands (Either Sex), Public Lands (Bucks only)
Gun (dogs not allowed) 16 Dec – 23 Dec  Private Lands (Either Sex), Public Lands (Bucks only)
Archery/Primitive Weapons 18 Jan  – 31 Jan  Private Lands (Either Sex), Public Lands (Bucks only)
Archery/Primitive Weapons 01 Feb – 15 Feb Private and Public Lands (Bucks only)


Ready to take on the hunt for alligators in Mississippi? Before diving into the swamps, rivers, and lakes, make sure you’ve done your due diligence. Check with local wildlife authorities to ensure that you have all of the necessary licenses and permits.

Now comes the gear: boats, harpoons, bang sticks or a rifle/shotgun with slugs or buckshot are must-haves! Don’t forget about protective clothing such as waders or hip boots — those will help keep bites at bay during your adventure.

Once equipped and ready to go out searching for these scaly beasts, look for waters deep enough where they’re likely lurking – but be careful when approaching them; they can get aggressive quickly if provoked.

Take aim carefully using an appropriate weapon depending on the size of the gator – then let loose and enjoy your successful hunt.

Alligator Season Mississippi

Season Dates
Public Water Season Aug 25 – Sep 04
Private Lands Season Aug 25 – Sep 18


Hunting Turkeys in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to a diverse array of wild turkeys, including the Rio Grande, Eastern, and Merriam’s. Each species has its own distinctive traits – such as Rio Grandes being typically found in western and central parts of the state while Easterns prefer eastern Mississippi.

For those looking to hunt them down, still-hunting or stalking is by far the most popular route – requiring patience and silence. Other approaches involve calls combined with decoys to draw birds into range.

No matter what method you choose though, safety must always be your number one priority; familiarize yourself with local regulations before setting out, and don’t forget to wear blaze orange clothing.

Turkey Season in Mississippi

Season Dates Bag Limit
Fall Oct 14 – Nov 12 2 (Either Sex)
Spring Mar 15 – May 01 1 per day, 3 per whole season (Bearded only)
Youth Turkey Mar 08 – Mar 14 1 per day, 3 per whole season (Bearded only)


Hunting squirrels in Mississippi can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to take the right precautions. Being knowledgeable about the different types of species found in the area is key. Gray, fox, and red squirrels are all common across Mississippi so research their habits before heading out into nature.

Timing your hunt appropriately is also essential for success – early morning and late afternoon hours are typically when these animals come out looking for food or water.

Before heading out on a hunting trip make sure to check with local game wardens as some areas have specific regulations regarding animal harvesting times. By following these guidelines you can ensure that your hunting in Mississippi will be both fun and safe!

Squirrel Season

Season Dates Bag Limit
Fall Season Sep 30 – Feb 28 8 per day
Spring Season May 15 – Jun 01 4 per day
Youth Squirrel Sep 23 – Sep 30 8 per day


To ensure success in hunting coyotes, it’s important to understand the laws and regulations related to hunting as well as obtain all necessary licenses and permits.

Next, scout for their tracks or scat around thickets and brush piles – signs of activity such as dug-up earth or recently killed prey can also indicate where they may be hiding during the day.

Then, equip yourself with a powerful rifle or shotgun along with a quality scope for long-range accuracy plus some calls that mimic distressed creatures’ sounds to lure them close by for a shot.

Coyote Season Mississippi

Species Dates
Coyote Jan 01 – Dec 31


When hunting bobcats in Mississippi, preparation is key. Scouting out wooded areas or near swamps and wetlands beforehand can give you the best chance of success. Be sure to bring the necessary supplies, like camouflage clothing, boots, and a firearm or bow for your hunt.

It’s important to note that baiting is prohibited when it comes to hunting bobcats during this state’s season which runs from October through February – so be certain you have purchased a valid license as well.

With all these steps completed before heading out into the wilds of Mississippi, you’ll increase your chances of bagging one of these elusive cats.

Hunting Bobcats in Mississippi

Bobcat Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Bobcat (Food & Sport) Sep 30 – Oct 31 5 per day
Bobcat (Food, Sport & Pelt) Nov 01 – Feb 28 No Limit

Wild Hog

Wild hogs have become an invasive species in Mississippi, wreaking havoc on crops and habitats. But don’t worry – they also make for a great hunting experience! If you’re looking to go out wild hog hunting in the Magnolia State, here’s what you should know:

The best places to find these animals are wooded areas with plenty of cover such as hardwood bottoms or thickets. You’re likely to be most successful if you hunt at night when the hogs are more active.

To help locate them, consider using spotlights or night vision gear. It’s important that you stay downwind so the hogs won’t catch your scent and run away before you can get a shot off.

Rifles are usually considered ideal weapons for wild hog hunts in Mississippi due to their power and accuracy; however, shotguns can also work well if that’s more up your alley. No matter which weapon type is used, it must be powerful enough not only to take down large boars quickly but humanely too.

Wild Hog Season in Mississippi

Species Dates
Wild Hog Jan 01 – Dec 31

Opossum Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Opossum (Food & Sport) Sep 30 – Oct 31 5 per day
Opossum (Food, Sport & Pelt) Nov 01 – Feb 28 No Limit

Dove Season

Season Dates Bag Limit
Mourning & White-Winged Dove (North Zone) Sep 02 – Oct 15, Oct 28 – Nov 26, Dec 30 – Jan 14 15 per day
Mourning & White-Winged Dove (South Zone) Sep 02 – Sep 24, Oct 07 – Nov 05, Dec 23 – Jan 28 15 per day

Rabbit Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Rabbit Oct 14 – Feb 28 8 per day

Quail Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Bobwhite Quail Nov 23 – Mar 02 8 per day

Raccoon Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Raccoon Jul 01 – Sep 30 1 per day
Raccoon (Food & Sport) Sep 30 – Oct 31 5 per day
Raccoon (Food, Sport & Pelt) Nov 01 – Feb 28 No Limit

Duck Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Duck Nov 24 – Nov 26, Dec 01 – Dec 03, Dec 09 – Jan 31 6 per day

Coot Season

Hunting Coots in Mississippi

Species Dates Bag Limit
Coot Nov 24 – Nov 26, Dec 01 – Dec 03, Dec 09 – Jan 31 15 per day

Merganser Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Merganser Nov 24 – Nov 26, Dec 01 – Dec 03, Dec 09 – Jan 31 5 per day

Youth & Active Military Waterfowl Season

Season Dates
Youth and Active Military Feb 03 – Feb 04

Goose Season

Season Dates Bag Limit
Sep Canada Geese Sep 01 – Sep 30 5 per day
Geese (Snow, Brant, Canada, Ross’s, Blue, White-fronted) Nov 10 – Nov 26, Dec 01 – Dec 03, Dec 09 – Dec 31 Canada Goose: 5

Brant: 1

White-Fronted Goose: 3

Snow, Ross’s & Blue: 20

Light Goose Conservation Order Oct 01 – Nov 09, Nov 27 – Nov 30, Dec 04 – Dec 08 No Limit
Light Goose Conservation Order Feb 01 – Feb 02, Feb 05- Mar 31 No Limit

Frog Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Frog Apr 01 – Sep 30 25 per day

Gallinule Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Gallinule Sep 01 – Oct 01, Nov 23 – Dec 31 15 per day

Crow Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Crow Nov 04 – Feb 29 No Limit

Woodcock Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Woodcock Dec 18 – Jan 31 3 per day

Rail Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Sora & Virginia Rail Sep 01 – Oct 01, Nov 23 – Dec 31 25 per day
Clapper & King Rail Sep 01 – Oct 01, Nov 23 – Dec 31 15 per day

Teal Season

Species Dates Bag Limit
Teal Sep 09 – Sep 24 6 per day

Snipe Season

Hunting Snipes in Mississippi

Species Dates Bag Limit
Snipe Nov 14 – Feb 28 8 per day

Mississippi Hunting License Information

Hunting in Mississippi requires a valid license, and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) or any authorized agent can help you get one.

For residents, there’s an annual sportsman’s license that covers small game hunting as well as fishing in public waters. Non-residents have access to three-day or seven-day licenses for smaller game like Rabbits and Squirrels. In Mississippi, a Lifetime hunting license (age 13+ and above) costs $1000 for residents and $1500 for non-residents.

Deer hunters will need both antlerless deer permits and deer permit stamps on top of their regular hunting licenses. Keep in mind that certain areas may have specific regulations – so double-check with MDWFP before heading out! That way you’ll know exactly what rules apply when it comes time to hunt your quarry.

Where Can You Hunt in Mississippi?

For those looking to hunt in Mississippi, there are plenty of public lands available. Delta National Forest is a great spot for deer and turkey hunting with its abundance of food sources, cover, open fields, and wooded areas providing ideal habitat.

Tombigbee National Forest, Desoto National Forest, Bienville National Forest and DeSoto Wildlife Management Area are also great options offering similar resources. Small game hunters won’t be disappointed either as these same forests provide ample opportunities due to their plentiful food sources and cover. So whether you’re after deer or turkeys or even small game, you can find the perfect spot in Mississippi’s public lands.

Public Hunting Places in Mississippi

Delta National Forest

Delta National Forest is a paradise for hunters, boasting an abundance of diverse and exciting wildlife. From whitetails to turkeys, small game like squirrels and rabbits to waterfowl such as ducks and geese; you can find it all here!

With its mix of open fields, thick forests, and wetlands – each terrain type providing something unique – this forest has everything you need for the perfect hunting experience.

Safety is taken seriously in Delta National Forest; so all hunters must adhere strictly to regulations by wearing blaze-orange clothing while out on their hunt. Before heading out make sure you’re aware of local laws governing your activities so that there are no surprises or misunderstandings along the way.

The forest is currently operated as Sunflower Wildlife Management Area.

Tombigbee National Forest

Tombigbee National Forest, sprawled across Mississippi and Alabama, offers an array of hunting opportunities for all skill levels. From deer and turkey to smaller critters like rabbits and squirrels, you can find a game that suits your style.

The terrain is diverse – rolling hillsides covered in vibrant autumn leaves, bottomland hardwoods surrounded by pine plantations with patches of swamps mixed in between open fields create a unique atmosphere that’s perfect for any outdoorsman.

Fall is the best time to hunt within the forest as this marks the start of deer season which runs until mid-January while turkey season usually begins late March. If small game hunting is more your speed then Tombigbee has something year-round but tends to be most active during cooler months like autumn or winter.

Holly Springs National Forest

Holly Springs National Forest is a haven for wildlife and hunters alike. Home to white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, rabbits, squirrels, and more – it’s an ideal spot for your next outdoor adventure.

Flocks of waterfowl and migratory birds call this lush landscape home too; perfect if you’re looking to get in some hunting during the right season! Nature enthusiasts can also appreciate the diverse terrain: open fields, hardwood forests, and pine stands offer something different around every corner.

Safety is always a top priority when out in the woods so please make sure that you are familiar with all relevant regulations before heading out on your hunt or hike.

Bienville National Forest

Bienville National Forest is a perfect location for hunters, as it’s home to an abundance of game like deer, turkey, small animals, and even bears. But that’s not all this forest offers – you can also spot plenty of waterfowl and other birds here. The landscape is varied with rolling hills and dense forests providing excellent cover for the wildlife inhabiting the area.

For those looking to hunt in the area, there are several spots that are particularly popular among sportsmen. One such place is Bienville Wildlife Management Area; spanning over 15000 acres offering great hunting opportunities while still taking into account endangered species living within its limits – so be sure to check local regulations before heading out.

De Soto National Forest

De Soto National Forest provides the perfect hunting spot for all kinds of wildlife enthusiasts. From white-tailed deer and wild turkey to rabbits, quail, and squirrels – the abundance of species is sure to please any hunter.

The diverse landscape offers a range of terrain from hardwood forests, pine plantations, and bottomland hardwoods; making it easy to find a location suited for your style. Whether you prefer a stalking game or sitting patiently in a tree stand or blind – there’s something here for everyone.

Safety is paramount when hunting so De Soto National Forest has strict rules in place that ensure everybody’s safety while enjoying their time outdoors. With its abundant wildlife selection coupled with an array of terrains – it won’t be long before you bag yourself some prime quarry!

Private Hunting Places in Mississippi

Here’s what you need to know before planning a private hunting trip in Mississippi. First off, it’s essential that you obtain the proper permits and licenses from your local wildlife department or hunting club. Make sure to familiarize yourself with any area-specific regulations regarding hunting on private land so as not to run afoul of the law.

When picking out a spot for your hunt, keep an eye out for terrain, vegetation types, and game populations – these will all affect how successful your trip is likely to be. Also, make sure there’s adequate access around the region since some areas may have limited pathways or roads available depending on where you go.

Finally (and most importantly), check up on all relevant rules prior to setting off; things like firearm limitations and other equipment restrictions can vary across different regions of Mississippi – always do due diligence when researching ahead of time.