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6 Best Deer Scent Attractants [Attract Deer Fast]

Deer scent attractant is something trickier to lure deers than using their favorite foods. Without using the best deer scent attractant, you can barely hold the fullest attention of a deer. Most importantly, the scent attractant helps to hunt deers from a short range for a newbie hunter. 

The problem arises when you get to know that the deer scent attractant comes in various forms. Finally, you become confused when you know about their different size, multiple substances & ease of use. 

However, the effectiveness of the deer attractant is the first & foremost thing to observe. Besides, its longevity, surviving capability in tough weather & an improved lock feature should be considered. 

When to use deer scent attractant?

Deer scent attractant should be used during the time of attracting deer in the hunting session. It helps the target deer to fool a buck into thinking there is another deer in the area. One thing to remember- the scent must be fresh to allow it to work to its full potential.

The 6 best deer scent attractants

This part discusses the best deer scent attractants with their detailed pros & cons. All the scents to attract deer work according to their own recipe. 

Herron Outdoors Deer Attractant

Herron outdoors deer attractant offers you a patent-pending mix design. With its unique flavor, it attracts deer all year long. Here blaze orange die is used as a bait ingredient, tested safe for deer consumption. 

This deer attractant comes with a great packaging that keeps pellets fresh for reuse. The aroma used here is very sensitive for deer’s sense of smell, and keeps attracting deers from miles away. 

Herron outdoors feed is full of ingredients that contain sufficient vitamins and minerals. The sweet proteins the deer crave can be found from the proprietary blend of sweet corn flavor. 

Besides, a mix of 40% protein 40% corn & 20% blaze orange protein pellets are present here. So, the victim deer or other wild animal must go for this alluring thing. 

Herron deer attractants have some amazing facts that can convince you. 

  • Their each packet is rich with all natural ingredients
  • Along with baiting, it works as a great nutrition source
  • Completely safe for wildlife digestion system

Customers found that primarily, it attracted unwanted wildlives like raccoons. But, sooner or later, it has brought deer to the bow range. Using scent sak, some of them found quicker & better results. 


  • Increases deer traffic notably
  • Delivers proper nutrients for wildlife
  • Presence of zero artificial ingredients
  • Patent-pending design ensures unique flavor
  • Pricing is worth its quality


  • Could come with a bigger bag
  • Scent sak isn’t added with the packaging

Hunters Specialties Cover Scent Wafers

How about bait a deer with scent wafers? Well, that’s tested to be effective & gathered a lot of deers. Hunters specialities cover scent wafers can be stored in a storage container safely- that’s a big plus. 

It’s different from others due to its tricky scent spreading mechanism. Besides, Hunters specialities cover scent wafers are multiple times reusable than other conventional baits. 

Each protective wafer case has 3 wafers to attract deers in your target range. The scent wafers are similar in dimension & longevity. According to real-time use, you can use each wafer for up to 15-20 days.

Its scent is close enough to the pineapple scent. Therefore, deers get attracted immediately when they smell this wafer for the first time. 

This is one of the best scents to attract deer for a few top reasons. 

  • Primetime Scent Wafer technology enhance scent spreading
  • Storage containers, hangers and pins are included
  • 3 wafers are reusable for varieties of wildlife hunting

According to the customer review, they loved the scent backup & they barely found degradation of the smell. Even in the cold weather or rain, the wafers consistently keep bringing deers.


  • Covers smell in a big range 
  • Sturdy storage to keep wafers reusable
  • Long time active hours 
  • Good pricing


  • Absence of healthy ingredients
  • Artificial scent that could hurt deer digestion system 

Tinks Doe-in-Rut #69 Buck Lure

Tinks Doe-In-Rut is an effective lure made of  100% natural doe estrous urine. The lure is exceptional from conventional deer attractants beacause live whitetail does during their estrous cycle is used here. 

Its special ingredients help to attract deers, allowing you to hunt them easily. As it comes in a bottle, it’s easy to use for anyone. The easy to use squirt top makes application accurate and precise every time.

Here are top 3 features of this deer attractant that can convince you. 

  • A secure closing cap seals prevent spillage
  • Easily fit in a tiny place like backpack
  • Covers a wide range of area to attract deers

After analyzing various customer’s opinions, we found that this product is suitable when you’re out in the woods. Besides, they loved its multiple variants of 1 oz & 4 oz bottles for regular & intense hunting purposes.


  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Comes with size options for your convenience
  • Easy to use for its squirt top
  • Affordable for hobby hunters
  • The scent attracts deer within a short time


  • Harmful for sensitive human body parts
  • The bottle can break under excessive pressure

Tink’s Estrous Gel Stream #69 Doe-in-Rut

If you’re thinking about trying a unique deer attractant, Tink’s estrous gel stream could be considered. This deer attractant has longer active hours & forces deers to fall for it. 

The fact is you can use this product both during pre-rut and rut seasons. Once it’s put outside, it won’t dry out in the wind. The effectiveness is mesmerizing, the result is faster than typical deer attractants. 

You can’t use this deer attractant for all species of deers like the mule deer. But, its non-synthetic ingredients are tested to attract whitetail deers quickly. 

Some fascinating parts are noticed in this deer attractant. 

  • Tink’s Hot Shot keeps the pressurizing agent separate from the lure
  • Allows shooting 10 gels foot stream
  • Secure locking cap prevents quality degradation

Customers are satisfied as it doesn’t wash away during heavy rain. Most importantly, it comes in the form of gel, resulting in easy to apply. They said that it would be impossible to prevent wastage of this deer attractant if it would come in the form of liquid. 


  • The gel form prevents wastage of the product
  • Multiple time application facility
  • Quality degradation issue is strictly monitored
  • Non-synthetic materials doesn’t cause any environmental harm
  • Barely washes aways in heavy rain or air


  • Ingredients used here is risky for causing cancer
  • Works for whitetail deers only

TINK’S Hot Shot #69 Doe-N-Rut Mist

Another great deer attractant from Tink is Tink’s hot shot mist with its powerful fine mist. Before preparing this product, it was studied precisely- “what scent attracts deer the most?”. 

In search of the answer, the product has launched this best selling product with live whitetail does during their estrous cycle. 

Here, the product utilizes Bag-in-Can technology to separate urine from the pressurizing agent. You can spray it upside down, & in your convenient direction. 

Let’s talk about some of its best features. 

  • Great locking function to prevent unintentional actuation
  • Powerful fine mist to cover a large radius
  • Silent spray tip ensures sound-free operation

After using in both rust & pre-rust seasons, customers found it highly effective. The zero contamination is ensured here by using pressurizing agent- that’s also a favourite part for customers. 

As it won’t spook deer, & allows spraying from any desired angle, the product is user-friendly for newbies. This deer urine spray is made of nylon material & so, users found it very long-lasting. 


  • Sound-free operation makes the hunting more successful
  • No fear of wastage due to its lock technology
  • Suitable for both rust & pre-rust season
  • Made of organic substance
  • Expedient for spraying from any angle


  • Takes longer time to attract deers than traditional deer attractants
  • Scent masking agent isn’t extremely intense 

Conquest Scents EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Stick

The conquest scents EverCalm deer scent stick is the first ever calming scent for deers. This strongest and most natural cover scent ever collected for the whitetail deer hunter

It’s a great choice because there is no risk of spills, leaks or mess from it. The used formula here is named after “wax stick formula” to show the highest potential for calming deers. 

Along with calming deers, this deer attractant attracts them to make easier for hunting. This deer attractant can attract deers up to 48 hours. 

It’s time to know a few more fascinating facts about this product. 

  • Allows you to dab on trees, rocks, or brush- anywhere
  • Available with 100% liquid form 
  • Tested to bring deer near up to 50 yards

If you’re looking for the user’s opinion, they’re astonished about its pricing. At 18$ pricing, they barely found any deer attractant with intense smell and effectiveness. 

Most importantly, it can back you up for up to months, prventing your cost for lure. The scent won’t disappear until its expiry date. Also, the second operation wasn’t difficult for users after using it once. 


  • Ideal for placing at any convenient place
  • Also available in the liquid form
  • Bringd deer closer than your imagination
  • Doesn’t lose its fragrance earlier
  • Zero spills or leaking risk


  • A chance of waste while putting outside as lure
  • Sensitive in high temperature & rain

What to see when buying the best deer scent attractant?

Finding the best deer scent attractant is super easy if you follow some ticks. Here is a complete guideline on finding the best deer scent attractant. 


If you choose a high-end deer attractant, but it’s not bringing deers towards you, perhaps, you’ve thrown your money in water. Be aware of going through the ingredients & know if they create impact on deers. Deers love mist scent, get attracted by it quickly. 

Ease of use

Your preferred deer attractant must be user-friendly. If it’s in the form of aerosol, it should be sprayed from any convenient angle. 

If it comes in the liquid or gel form, the escaping path must me airtight and easy to open. Also, the product shouldn’t contain any difficult lock that can generate hassle to use. 


Some local deer attractants aren’t suitable for multiple use. Even, they degrade their quality over time. Better, check the customer opinion & product reputation to be assured of it. 


Unless the packaging of the deer attractant is adorable, it can split the ingredients. The quality may fall, the hunting session may get disturbed. So, pick a deer attractant which comes with a great packaging from the company. 

Overall impact

Using deer attractants with 100% natural ingredients are always encouraged. It’s because synthetic ingredients directly affect the envioronment. Along with this, synthetic materials of deer attractant can generate negative impact on the human body. 


Here you know about some top question answers about the deer scent attractant. 

What scent attracts deer the most?

Deers are fond of the scent of soil, even more than the smell of another deer. To hold their attention, you can pour some buck or doe urine, or scrape starter into the soil. The mist fragrance intoxicates their nerve system, resulting in them falling into the hunting trap. 

What is the best thing to lure deer in?

To lure in deer for hunting, foods and deer attractants are the best choice. Deer corn is a great thing that is proven to attract deer from a very wide range. Also, apples, vegetables & various mineral salts can be used as bait.


Deer scent attractant is a basic hunting strategy to make your hunting session effortless. Without using it, our ancestors hunted deers ages after ages. But, this era is the era of smart movement, even for hunting. 

So, along with getting the best deer scent attractant, you should learn its appropriate use. The best deer scent attractant must come with mist flavor, ability to attract deers for a long time. 

Most importantly, it should be devoid of harmful ingredients for your skin & respiratory system. Also, consider the ease of use, availability & reusability. You may select the liquid, gel or aerosol version of the deer attractant depending on your preference. At the end of the day, your hunting skill matters.