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Can You Kill A Deer With A 9mm?

Can You Kill A Deer With A 9mm

Speedy species ‘deers’ are cumbersome to hunt with a 9mm firearm from a far away range. But it’s not that tricky when the deer exists inside the 25 yards shooting range. Let’s disappear your biggest hesitation- can you kill a deer with a 9mm? 

Yes, a pistol or carbide with a 9mm caliber can generate 374 foot-pounds of pressure in the target spot which is good enough to kill a deer. A deer moving with 35-40 miles/hour velocity at around 50 yards distance can be hunted with a 9mm easily.

Adult male and female deers have a weight range of 80-160 pounds and 3 feet of height. Their body structure includes several sensitive parts like the head, neck, and lungs. If you can shoot any of these parts, it won’t take long to down a deer.

What is the lowest caliber that can kill a deer? 

The 0.243 calibers is the lowest caliber to kill a deer. Some states allow hunting with 0.223 calibers also. But, it shouldn’t be lower than 0.22 calibers anyhow. But, the lower calibers can’t ensure fast death of the deer as well as reduce suffering.

How to kill a deer with a 9mm shot – a step-by-step guide 

If you’re an amateur shooter, it’ll be hard to down a deer with a 9mm shot. Here you know about some steps to kill a deer with a 9mm shot. 

Step 1: Collect the hunting permission

  • First thing first: collect necessary permission from the regional corresponding authority.
  • Attach all necessary information like how many deer you’ll hunt and how long your session will continue.
  • Clarify the description of your firearm word to word to the responsible authority. Unless it comes with the permitted caliber range, you can’t get the permission. 
  • Wind can be a problem for hunting deer. Know the wind conditions as well.

Step 2: Dress properly 

  • Hunting requires comfortable dressing to sit for several hours peacefully. 
  • Also, consider bringing camouflage to the dress for confusing the hunt. 
  • Equip yourself with a pair of hunting shoes and hand gloves for rapid action.

Step 3: Gather hunting equipment

  • Get a wide foam hot seat to bring comfort to the rear body. 
  • You’ll need binoculars to get a clear view of the deer from far away. 
  • Using a rangefinder can help to ensure a precise shot from a long distance.
  • The most important part is choosing the right gun. A 9mm gun is good enough if you use it wisely.

Step 4: Determine a suitable location 

  • Find the densest, most inhospitable places for hunting a deer. 
  • If you have trouble finding the location, you can trail the footstep of the deer.
  • Be careful because that route is also the favorite one for ferocious animals. 

Step 5: Set up the climbing tree stand

  • Set up a commercial climbing tree stand by following their user manual. 
  • Alternatively, you can build the climbing tree stand by hoisting a simple wooden platform

Step 6: Shooting the deer

  • Bait the surrounding with foods like corn, apples, carrots, and others. 
  • Wait with full attention until your vision catches the hunt. Use the binoculars for getting updates. 
  • Bring the deer within your weapon’s target first. You should choose its sensitive parts like the neck, lungs or head. 
  • Once your target is locked, pull the trigger. If your shot is okay, the deer will fall for sure.

Step 7: Spot the hunt

In case the has not died, you can use a knife to kill it properly.

How powerful is a 9mm handgun? 

A 9mm handgun is capable of producing 374 foot-pounds of energy. This amount of pressure can kill a person, deer sniff. The bullet can penetrate approximately 60cm through the fat tissue. This handgun comes with modern defensive ammo and has higher muzzle velocity. It’s also called powerful due to its expected stopping power and firing capacity. That means you can easily hurt or even kill a dear with a 9mm if shot properly between the eyes.

What can you hunt with 9mm carbine?

You can hunt deer, moose, wild boar, rabbit, hog, and others with a 9mm carbine. With a proper shot, you can even kill a bear or other such large animals from a proper distance. It will hurt a bear badly even from a long distance. Any legal speedy animal in your state can be killed with a 9mm carbine. The 147 gr bullets with 9mm carbine can generate around 1100 fps and 464 ft/lbs pressure. This output is enough to hunt a moving deer with one shot. But you cannot kill a bear with 9mm. 

Can you use a 9mm for deer hunting in Iowa?

A 9mm for deer hunting in Iowa is approved by the regional authority. The smallest caliber for deer hunting is 0.22 caliber. People looking for a larger magazine capacity can pick this weapon for the best output. Iowa’s hunting regulations have approved 9mm revolvers and pistols with a 4-inch minimum barrel length. 

Can you hunt deer with a 9mm pistol in Michigan?

Michigan’s authority allows .35 caliber which essentially goes with a 9mm pistol. A 9mm pistol isn’t the best pick as it can’t kill the deer instantly. Page 51 of the Michigan deer hunting regulations state that– “It is legal to hunt deer north of the limited firearm deer zone with any caliber of a firearm except a .22 caliber or smaller rimfire (rifle or handgun).”


The question “can you kill a deer with a 9mm” has been resolved here. Hunting is a habit of practice and consistency day after day. As you can’t learn how to swim by reading books, the same goes for firearms. You can’t succeed in killing a deer with a 9mm if you don’t know the exact hunting techniques. 

Learning about using a firearm with proper safety is the first responsibility for newbies. You already know that the lower calibers are also good for hunting deers. But, using lower calibers means you prolong the death of the deer with a lot of pain. 

The most important part is choosing the right place with the correct baits. Deers are moribund animals and so hunting them in some states is prohibited.