Do Deer Like Alfalfa

Alfalfa is a type of forage that is often used as feed for livestock. Deer are known to eat a variety of plants, so it is not surprising that they would also eat alfalfa. However, deer prefer to eat tender, young leaves rather than the older, tougher leaves that are found in alfalfa.

A lot of people ask whether deer like alfalfa and the answer is yes, deer do like alfalfa! In fact, alfalfa is often used as deer feed because it is high in protein and nutrients that deer need. Deer will also eat alfalfa hay if it is available.

Food Plot Q & A: Is Alfalfa a good crop to plant for deer to eat?

Will deer eat alfalfa hay in the winter

When it comes to forage, deer are generalists. This means that they will eat a variety of different plants, including alfalfa hay. In the winter, when other food sources are scarce, deer will often turn to hay for sustenance.

So, if you’re wondering if deer will eat alfalfa hay in the winter, the answer is yes! One thing to keep in mind, however, is that deer prefer fresh hay to old, moldy hay. So, if you’re going to put out hay for deer, make sure it’s fresh and of good quality.

Otherwise, the deer may not touch it.

How late will deer eat alfalfa?

Alfalfa is a high-protein forage crop that is often grown for hay or used as livestock feed. Deer will eat alfalfa at any time of day, but they seem to prefer it in the early morning or late evening. If alfalfa is the only food source available, deer will continue to eat it throughout the day.

Can bucks eat alfalfa?

Yes, bucks can eat alfalfa. In fact, alfalfa is a good source of nutrition for deer. Alfalfa is high in protein and fiber, and it is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Deer like to eat alfalfa, and it is a good food for them.

Is alfalfa a good deer food plot?

If you’re a deer hunter, you’re always looking for ways to attract deer to your property. One way to do that is by planting a food plot. But what kind of plants should you use for your food plot?

Alfalfa is a good option for a deer food plot. Here’s why: Alfalfa is a high-protein forage that deer love.

It’s also high in calcium, which is important for deer, particularly does, during the fawning season. Alfalfa is a hardy plant that can tolerate a wide range of soil and weather conditions. It’s also relatively drought-resistant, which is important in many parts of the country.

Alfalfa is easy to establish and can be planted using standard agricultural equipment. It’s also relatively easy to find alfalfa seed for sale. If you’re looking for a good plant to use for your deer food plot, alfalfa is a great option.

It’s high in protein and calcium, it’s easy to establish, and it’s widely available.

Is it OK to feed deer alfalfa in winter?

Alfalfa is a good winter feed for deer because it is high in protein and fiber and also contains some essential vitamins and minerals. However, it is important to remember that deer are browsers and not grazers like cattle, so they will not eat alfalfa if it is the only thing available. They prefer to eat a variety of plants, so it is best to mix alfalfa with other forage plants such as clover, grasses, and legumes.

Deer will also eat hay, so if you have some extra hay lying around, that would be a good option to supplement their diet as well.


No, deer don’t like alfalfa. In fact, they much prefer to eat grass. However, if they are desperate for food, they will eat just about anything, including alfalfa.