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Do Whitetail Deer Like Molasses

Do Whitetail Deer Like Molasses

Whitetail deer are known to be attracted to sweet smells, which is why many hunters use products like doe urine or apple scented sprays to lure them in. But what about something like molasses? It turns out that deer love the stuff!

A study done by the University of Georgia found that not only are deer attracted to the sweet smell of molasses, but they will actually consume it as well.

While there is no definitive answer to this question, there are some observations that suggest that whitetail deer may enjoy molasses. For example, deer have been known to eat molasses-baited traps, and some hunters use molasses to attract deer to their hunting grounds. Additionally, molasses is a common ingredient in deer attractants and supplements, which suggests that deer at least tolerate the taste of molasses.

If you’re looking to attract whitetail deer to your property, molasses may be worth a try. Simply mix some molasses with water and pour it into a shallow dish. You may also want to add some other deer attractants, such as corn or apples, to the mixture.

Place the dish in an area where you’ve seen deer activity and check it regularly to see if the deer are taking the bait.

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How far can deer smell molasses

Molasses is a sweetener that is made from sugar cane or sugar beet juice. It is often used in baking or as a food additive. Deer are attracted to the sweet smell of molasses, and can smell it from a distance of up to 1 mile.

If you are baiting deer with molasses, be sure to place the bait in an open area so that the deer can easily find it.

How do you make deer attractant with molasses?

There are a few different ways that you can make deer attractant with molasses. One way is to simply pour molasses over a pile of deer feed. Another way is to mix molasses with water and spray it onto the leaves of plants that deer like to eat.

You can also add molasses to a salt lick to make it more attractive to deer.

What kind of molasses Do deer like?

There are many different types of molasses that deer like, including blackstrap molasses, cane molasses, and sorghum molasses. Each type of molasses has its own unique flavor and nutritional profile that can attract deer and other wildlife. Blackstrap molasses is the most popular type of molasses for deer, as it is high in both sugar and protein.

Cane molasses is also high in sugar, but has a more mellow flavor that some deer prefer. Sorghum molasses is lower in sugar than both blackstrap and cane molasses, but is still a good source of nutrition for deer.

Will deer eat dried molasses?

Molasses is a sweet, thick syrup that is made from sugar cane or sugar beet juice. It is a by-product of the sugar refining process. The syrup is dark brown or black in color and has a very strong, sweet flavor.

It is used in many recipes, as well as being a popular sweetener for beverages. Deer will often eat molasses if it is available to them. The sweet flavor is attractive to them, and the high sugar content provides them with a quick source of energy.

However, molasses is not a natural part of their diet and should not be relied upon as a sole source of food. Deer will also eat other sweet foods, such as honey, so it is best to offer a variety of options to them.

What attracts whitetail deer the best?

While there are many different factors that can attract whitetail deer, some of the most common include food, water, and shelter. When it comes to food, deer are attracted to sources of fresh green vegetation, such as new shoots and leaves. They also enjoy eating fruits and nuts, as well as grasses, legumes, and other plants.

In terms of water, deer need to drink regularly in order to stay hydrated, so they are often drawn to areas where there is a water source, such as a pond or stream. Finally, deer need somewhere to rest and escape from the elements, so they are often attracted to areas with dense vegetation or trees. By providing these basic needs, you can attract deer to your property.


Whitetail deer are attracted to the sweet taste of molasses, which makes it a great bait for hunters looking to lure them in. However, deer don’t just eat molasses because they like the taste – it’s also a source of much-needed nutrients, especially in the winter months.