How to Bore Sight a Crossbow

To bore sight a crossbow, first make sure the crossbow is unloaded and at least 20 yards from any target. Next, using a sighting device such as a red dot sight or telescopic sight, look through the scope and align the dot or crosshairs with the center of the target. Finally, adjust the bolts without moving the scope until they are also centered on the target.

  • Set up a target at least 20 yards away
  • Uncock your crossbow and remove any arrows or bolts
  • Looking through the scope, center the dot on the target
  • Without moving the scope, uncock the crossbow and shoot an arrow or bolt into the target
  • Check to see where the arrow or bolt hit in relation to the dot in the scope
  • If it is not centered, adjust your scope until it is

Boresighting Tips – Laser Bore Sight

Can You Use a Bore Sight on a Crossbow?

A bore sight is a tool that helps you align your crossbow’s scope with the barrel. It projects a laser beam from the center of the scope’s reticle, allowing you to see where the crossbow is aiming. This can be a valuable tool when sighting in your crossbow, as it can help you get on target quickly and accurately.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a bore sight. First, because the laser beam is coming from the center of the scope’s reticle, it will be offset from the actual path of the arrow. This means that you’ll need to make adjustments to your scope before taking your shot.

Second, because Bore sights are calibrated for firearms, they may not work perfectly with your crossbow. Finally, while bore sights can help you get on target quickly, they won’t necessarily help you shoot more accurately. In other words, don’t rely on them too much – practice makes perfect!

What Distance Should You Sight-In a Crossbow?

When sighting in a crossbow, the recommended distance is 20 yards. This will ensure that the arrow hits the target at the correct spot.

How Far off is a Bore Sight?

Most people are familiar with the term “bore sight” but don’t really know what it means. A bore sight is simply an optical device that allows you to align the sights of your firearm with the bore of the gun. This is important because it ensures that when you fire your weapon, the bullet will travel in a straight line and hit your target.

There are many different types of bore sights on the market, but most work in a similar fashion. You’ll start by mounting the bore sight in the muzzle of your gun. Once it’s secure, you’ll look through the device and align the crosshairs with your target.

Once everything is lined up, you can remove the bore sight and put on your regular sights. Keep in mind that a bore sight is not a replacement for zeroing your weapon. It’s simply a tool to help you get close to your target so that you don’t have to waste ammo while trying to zero in your sights.

Do You Chase the Arrow When Sighting in a Crossbow?

When sighting in a crossbow, you should always chase the arrow. This means that you should adjust your sights until the arrow is hitting where you want it to at the target.


Boresighting a crossbow is a simple process that can be done at home with just a few tools. The first step is to find a level spot to work on the crossbow. Next, you will need to find something to use as a target, like a piece of paper or cardboard.

Once you have your target set up, you will need to look through the scope and align the crosshair with the center of the target. Finally, you will need to adjust the bolts until they are hitting the center of the target.