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How to Ship a Crossbow

The most important thing when shipping a crossbow is to make sure that the bow is unstrung. This can be done by loosening the bolts that hold the string in place, and then removing the string entirely. Once the bow is unstrung, it can be wrapped in padding and placed in a sturdy box for shipping.

It’s also important to ship the crossbow with insurance, as damage during shipping can be costly to repair.

  • Crossbows must be shipped unloaded
  • If your crossbow came with a foot stirrup, remove it before shipping
  • Pack the crossbow in a sturdy cardboard box or hard case
  • Include any accessories that came with the crossbow, such as arrows, quivers, and wax
  • Fill any empty spaces in the box with packing material to prevent the crossbow from shifting during shipping
  • Address and label the box, and take it to your local post office or shipping company
  • Insure the package for its full value, and request signature confirmation upon delivery

Can You Send a Crossbow in the Mail?

It’s a common question we get here at Crossbow Headquarters: can you send a crossbow in the mail? The answer is yes…and no. It all depends on how you go about it.

If you’re sending a crossbow through the US Postal Service, they have specific requirements that must be met in order to ship your bow. The crossbow must be unloaded and have all moving parts immobilized. This usually means removing the string and placing the bow in a lock or case.

You’ll also need to fill out a form declaring that the crossbow is an unloaded weapon being shipped for sporting purposes. UPS and FedEx have similar restrictions, but they may also require that the crossbow be shipped with an adult signature required upon delivery. So if you’re planning on sending a crossbow through one of these carriers, make sure you check their requirements first.

Now, if you’re simply looking to transport your crossbow from one location to another, there are a few different options available. If you’re driving, most states allow you to carry an unloaded crossbow in your vehicle so long as it’s not easily accessible (like in the trunk or back seat). Some states do require that you have a hunting or fishing license in order to transport a crossbow, so again, make sure to check your local laws before hitting the road.

The easiest way to transport acrossow – whether it’s across town or across country – is probably via air travel. Most airlines will allow you to bring an unloaded crossbow as part of your checked luggage, but it’s always best top call ahead and double check their policies before packing everything up. And just like with driving, some states do require permits for air travel with certain weapons – including crossbows – so again, know before you go!

Can You Ship a Bow Through Usps?

If you’re sending a bow through the mail, you’ll need to take some extra steps to make sure it arrives safely. Here’s what you need to know about shipping a bow through the USPS. Bows can be shipped via USPS, but there are a few things that you’ll need to do in order to ensure that your bow arrives safely.

First, you’ll want to make sure that your bow is properly packaged. You’ll want to use a sturdy cardboard box and padding material such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Second, you’ll want to clearly label your package as “Fragile” or “Do Not Bend.”

Third, you should insure your package for its full value. This will protect you in case the package is lost or damaged in transit. When shipping a bow through the USPS, it’s important to keep these tips in mind in order to ensure that your bow arrives safe and sound.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Compound Bow Usps?

It is important to know how much it will cost to ship your compound bow USPS so that you can properly budget for shipping and handling costs. The average cost to ship a compound bow USPS is $30. This price may fluctuate depending on the size and weight of the bow, as well as the distance it needs to be shipped.

Where Can I Get a Box to Ship a Bow?

There are a few places you can get boxes to ship bows. Your local archery shop is a great place to start, as they will likely have boxes that are the right size and shape for shipping bows. You can also find boxes at some sporting goods stores or online retailers that sell archery equipment.

When choosing a box, be sure to pick one that is sturdy and has enough padding to protect the bow during shipping. Also, make sure the box is big enough to fit the bow comfortably with some extra space around it so it doesn’t get damaged in transit.

Rust Cargo ship With bow and crossbow


When you order a crossbow online, you want to be sure that it arrives in perfect condition. Here are some tips on how to ship a crossbow so that it arrives safely at its destination. 1. Choose a shipping company that specializes in shipping weapons.

FedEx and UPS are two companies that offer this service. 2. Make sure the crossbow is properly packaged. The bow should be wrapped in bubble wrap or padding and placed in a sturdy box.

3. Include all of the necessary documentation with the shipment, including a copy of your driver’s license or passport and an invoice for the purchase. 4. Be sure to insure the shipment for its full value.