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Neighbors Dog Chasing Deer On My Property

I was sitting on my porch when I saw my neighbor’s dog chasing a deer on my property. I was not happy to see this because I know that deer can be very sensitive to dogs and this could scare them away. I called my neighbor and asked him to please keep his dog away from the deer. He said he would and apologized for the incident.

If you live in a rural area, chances are you’ve had your share of encounters with deer. And if you have a dog, chances are they’ve tried to chase them at one point or another. While it may seem like harmless fun, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers of your dog chasing deer on your property.

Deer are wild animals and can be dangerous if they feel threatened. If your dog is constantly chasing them, they may eventually become aggressive and try to harm your dog. Additionally, deer can carry diseases that can be harmful to your dog if they come in contact with them.

So, what can you do to prevent your dog from chasing deer on your property? The best thing you can do is to keep them on a leash when they’re outside. If you have a fenced-in yard, make sure the fence is high enough that deer can’t jump over it.

You can also try training your dog to “leave it” when they see a deer. With a little effort, you can keep your dog safe from harm and prevent them from chasing deer on your property.

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Dog chasing deer law

According to the Dog chasing deer law, it is illegal to allow your dog to chase deer in New York State. If you are caught violating this law, you may be fined up to $250. This law was put into place to help protect the state’s deer population.

Can you shoot a dog that’s chasing a deer?

While it may be legal to shoot a dog in some circumstances, it is generally not advisable to do so. If a dog is chasing a deer, it is likely doing so because it is hungry and sees the deer as prey. In most cases, the deer will be able to outrun the dog and escape.

However, if the dog is particularly large or aggressive, it may pose a threat to the deer. In this case, it may be necessary to shoot the dog in order to protect the deer. If you do choose to shoot the dog, be sure to do so safely and only when absolutely necessary.

Will deer come back after being chased by a dog?

It’s a common misconception that deer will avoid an area if they’ve been chased by a dog. In reality, deer are more likely to come back to an area where they’ve had a negative experience like this. This is because deer have a very poor memory and are more likely to forget a bad experience than to remember it and avoid the area in the future.

So, if your dog has chased a deer away, don’t be surprised if the deer comes back later!

Can you shoot a dog chasing deer in Texas?

In the state of Texas, it is legal to shoot a dog that is in the act of chasing deer. This is because dogs are considered to be predators and deer are considered to be prey. When a dog is chasing deer, it is doing so in an attempt to kill the deer.

This is a threat to the deer population and thus, the state of Texas has made it legal to shoot a dog that is chasing deer.

How do you keep dogs out of deer plots?

There are a few things you can do to keep dogs out of deer plots. The easiest way is to fence the area off. This will create a barrier that dogs cannot cross.

You can also put up signs warning people to keep their dogs out of the area. Finally, you can train your dog not to go into the deer plot. This will take some time and patience, but it is possible.


It’s springtime and the deer are out in full force on my property. Unfortunately, so is my neighbor’s dog. The dog loves to chase the deer and it’s really getting on my nerves.

I’ve tried asking the neighbor to keep the dog on a leash, but they don’t seem to be very receptive to the idea. I’m not sure what else to do at this point.